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Dragonfly Media

Why would you let Dragonfly Media Curacao work on your website? What’s
important when deciding which web design agency should develop your
online presence? How would you know which online marketer will bring
you the most ROI from your website?

Dragonfly Media Curacao always takes into account the seven most important
factors of successful websites.

1. Domain name & hosting: your domain name has
to make sense for your company, needs to be remembered easily and
your website needs to be hosted on a fast, reliable server by people
who know what they’re doing.

2. Esthetics: only when the web design of your website
and your off-line marketing messages are integrated can there be synergy
between the two.

3. Development: a website, as well as other applications
within it, needs to be accessible, efficient and interactive.

4. Content: as with all other marketing messages
your website needs body. The content of your website has to be focused,
clear, to the point, search engine friendly and complete.

5. Maintenance: nothing is older than yesterday’s
news. Especially on-line this is true. Your website needs to be up-to-date
and use the latest techniques for it to garner any ROI.

6. Promotion: we can build the best website ever,
but if nobody knows about it it is just a big waste of time and money.
Your website needs to be promoted on-line (internet marketing) and
off-line (conventional marketing).

7. Ethics: for a website to grow and prosper your
web design agency needs the trust and confidence of its client. This
can only happen when the web design agency has high ethical standards

The people of Dragonfly Media Curacao work as a team and because we all have
our expertises we can deliver a full-fletched final product. Whenever
something new emerges on the internet we will investigate, distinguish
between useful trends and fads, and see if we can use it to benefit
our clients. For you, as a client, this means that you will receive
a website, internet marketing plan, research report or graphic design
focused on the future.

Our client list is diverse to say the least. We have clients from
a healthcare organization to banks, from law offices to shipping companies
and from hotels to a forensic service provider. To these clients we provide
services like web design, web development, internet marketing, graphic design,
corporate identity design, content building and maintenance. We are based in Curacao
so our main market is in Curacao, but the world is our oyster!

As many of our clients come from the hospitality business we have
become members ofCHATA
and HSMAI Curacao.
As members of these hospitality/tourism organizations we have ready access to current
developments in this line of business, research data and a broad network
within the business. The sharing of knowledge is a continuing process
and invaluable for success. As a client you benefit from this directly.

We feel that we also need to give back to the organizations to which
we belong. We do not believe in being just another silent member and
only showing up when there’s an open bar. For this reason we
donated a website to the HSMAI Curacao Chapter and became their
strategic partner.