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Latin American Opportunities in Curacao

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Recently we talked about the opportunities in Latin America (or better: the Latino market) for internet companies. Curacao is ideally positioned to do business in Latin America; not only because of its geographical location, but also for the fact that it has a stable government and there are strong ties with Holland.

The CIFA (Curaçao International Financial Services Association)  recognizes these opportunities and is organizing a conference from September 6 to 9. The title of the conference is the “Wealth and Business Preservation conference” and its aim is to show the benefits that Curacao can offer to so-called high net worth individuals for living and doing business in Curacao.

More information about the conference can be found on CIFA’s (Spanish) conference page. There is also conference information available in English, but the conference itself will be focused on Latin America and therefore the official language will be Spanish.

New website

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

Last Thursday we launched the new website of Curacao publisher Loket 1. This website is only three pages in size so it’s not the biggest project we ever did, but it is the first website within our partnership with BKCC. Bas did the design and we implemented it into a website.

The idea is that we will be doing this more often. BKCC is more at home with print work and marketing concepts than we are (he has been doing this work for 15 years now) and we are more adept at creating websites. This makes Dragonfly and BKCC natural partners that do not need to bite each other. Furthermore, this also gives us and BKCC opportunities to work more efficiently and to exchange information and ideas.

Great turn out at meetup

Friday, July 6th, 2007

The Curacao marketing & advertising professionals meetup of last Wednesday was a big success. In the true Caribbean fashion everybody was at least a half hour late, but the turn out was great.

We counted about 40 people (which is a lot for such a small island) when everybody was in. There were marketers (off-line and on-line), advertising agencies, photographers, designers and all kinds of other riff-raff. We hope that next time some more of the other web design agencies will also be able to come because the web should not be underrepresented here. (more…)

Opportunities in Latin America

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

About two years I spoke with a friend of mine who was working with one of the big development/marketing companies in the US. He did some work in Curacao and saw a lot of potential; not only here, but also in the Latin American market. He pitched his idea of setting up an office in Curacao to explore and service the Latin American market to his boss but she shot his idea down. The reasoning was that they didn’t see a lot of value in that market. They did not want to go beyond the Caribbean Sea which they could service from Miami.

About two weeks ago the second Search Engine Strategies (SES) Latino happened and it looks like my friend was right on the money. The Latin American market is growing and has even been a #1 priority of Google for the last year. This specialized SES was the result of this growth and potential. (more…)

WordPress upgrade

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

We were having some problems with the sidebar in the blog. It just stopped halfway through on some occasions, gave errors on other occasions and even worked fine sometimes as well.

We weren’t sure why this was occurring (we’re guessing that it’s probably a question of a too heavy load). Someone here on the island told me that maybe upgrading to the newest version would help and because I don’t like all the work involved in moving websites to different hosting plans I thought I’d give it a shot

So, we’ve got ourselves a brand new, spiffy blog. If you see any errors, could you please let us know so we can fix it or move to another server.

Curacao marketing & advertising professionals meetup

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Curacao has its own set of rules on “how to do business”. Just like in all other countries, you need to know what’s acceptable behaviour and what’s not. One particular rule here is a real pearl of local wisdom (and a pet peeve of ours): “a competitor is a competitor is a competitor”.

We feel that if you see your competitor only as a competitor you’re limiting the progress of the line of business you are in. The result is a group of backward companies that are mostly concerned with what the competition is doing, instead of working to improve their own product.

The adherence to this rule is changing though. Especially in the more internationally oriented businesses there seems to be a trend towards cooperation (with a healthy dose of competition) instead of raw, unabiding competition. A shining example is of course the hospitality business, which is internationally oriented by default, with the CHATA as its Curacaoan flagship.

An attempt is being made now by Tamira La Cruz to also strengthen the ties between the marketing & advertising professionals on the island. (more…)

Wanted: graphic designer

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Bas Kok Creative Communicatie (one of our strategic partners) is looking for a graphic designer. Are you interested in working with some of the most interesting clients on the island and are based on Curacao? Give them a call!

You can find the official ad below and we added a translation for those of you that don’t speak Dutch (about 99.9% of the world’s population). (more…)

This site may harm your computer

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

One of the most awful things that can happen to a company that engages in SEO is when Google says that that company’s website is harmful. Nobody will visit your website from Google while that warning is up, that’s for sure. This is exactly what happened to us this week:
Google’s SERP
Update june 15: yesterday evening the warning was removed. Google likes us again :).

The new stuff we try out, we always try out on our own website before we go anywhere near our clients’ websites. In this case we tried something out on our site which opened up a vulnerability. Somebody found it, took advantage of it and placed some malicious JavaScript on our homepage.

We figured out what happened, when it happened (last friday 10 a.m.) and how to fix it. So, we fixed it, checked our clients’ websites (just to be sure) and were pretty smug about it. Regretfully; over the weekend Google indexed our homepage and found the malicious JavaScript before we did. This triggered the “OMG, this site is evil”-button in Google on monday evening and we got blacklisted. When you look for our website in Google now you will see that Google thinks that “this site may harm your computer”. (more…)

Long time no blog

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

The last two weeks were pretty busy with client work so we didn’t have much time for the blog. Four posts in two weeks is way too few. The coming week will be a bit quieter though, so we can spare some more time for the blog again. Some of the stuff that happened the last two weeks:

  • We got some new clients from Curacao for the web design department and had a lot of requests for quotes. So far, this month is looking very good 🙂
  • When analyzing the statistics data of our latest redesign (Dive Operator Caribbean Sea Sports) it turns out that their first month with the new design is their best month so far in terms of visitors and search engine referrals. The amount of search engine referrals has actually doubled this first month. How’s that for a return on investment!
    The coming week we’re going to train two of their instructors on how to use their blog and we’re really expecting great things there.
  • Dragonfly Media’s website is the most visited website in the Netherlands Antilles according to Alexa (for an explanation of their biased information see our article on Alexa’s idiosyncrasy). dgfmedia number 1 of the Antilles

Web 2.0 and your SEO strategy

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

P.J. Fusco wrote an article for a while ago about Web 2.0 and how it affects your SEO strategy. We saw it today (yeah, shame on us, we’ve been busy) and I think it sums up some of the key reasons for incorporating Web 2.0 concepts in your website.

To succeed on the Web today, you must engage your visitors so they return repeatedly. Toward this end, some Web 2.0 platforms could be your site’s savior; others could be its online demise. Either way, much of the discovery depends on your search channel.

This article will be old news for people in the know, but the people that are just starting out in the wild and wonderful world of SEO and Web 2.0 will find this very interesting. Here’s the link again: How Web 2.0 Affects your SEO Strategy.

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