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Moving a domain to a different server (3/3)

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

During most of the previous the client won’t have to do anything. It only becomes interesting for the client when the nameservers are changed and the change is being propagated through the internet.

The way most people set up their Outlook, Thunderbird or similar mail client is to enter names for the POP- and SMTP-server. These will be names like and During the propagation there will be a moment during which will point to, for instance, and the next moment it will point to After the change you will not be able to receive the e-mails from because the name does not point there anymore.

Moving a domain to a different server (2/3)

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

This is the second installment (of three) of a series about moving the hosting for a domain name to a different server. For some reason we still hear from clients that they couldn’t see their website or get their emails for days because the hosting of their website was changed. This does not have to be the case!!

This installment is specifically for those brave souls that try to understand how they should set this up for their clients. These are the on-line warriors that call themselves systems administrators. Well…., aspiring systems administrators because an educated systems administrators would start jawning after the third paragraph.

Moving a domain to a different server (1/3)

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Sometimes we get a little carried away when writing about something we feel strongly about. As a web developer I can ramble on for hours about how to best set up a PHP application and Oscar will defend a design he loves till death. The article I just finished writing is one of those articles that you want to keep short, but becomes too long because there is so much you want to convey. For this reason we will split it in three parts and post the parts separately. This is installment no. 1, the basic explanation of the setup of a domain and its hosting.

Are you the master of your domain?

Friday, February 9th, 2007

A domain name is a technical construct, but it is also an administrative entity. When someone registers a domain name he/she has to register the owner and the contacts associated with the name. These contacts are the administrative contact, the billing contact and the technical contact.

When you want to have (created) a website for your company you will need a domain name. You can register the domain name yourself or you can let the company that builds your website register it for you. When you register the domain name yourself, there’s usually no problem, but problems can arise when you let someone else register your domain name.

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