How to get those pages out of Google’s supplemental index

May 13th, 2007 by Joost Schrier

For the last few weeks there has been a lot of debate about Google’s supplemental index which was sparked by an article in Forbes about the so-called “Google Hell”. The biggest part of this debate was a rehashing of earlier discussions and misconceptions, but some were interesting to follow.

Especially the discussion at got pretty heated in the comments to a post by Rand Fishkin, aptly named “Supplementary My Dear Watson“. The comments in this post even lead him to retract part of his original statements in a follow-up post. One of the commenters to SEOmoz’s post (Michael Martinez of said something that we think can help us get some of the posts in our blog out of the supplemental index.

Michael Martinez explained the main reason for pages to go to the supplemental index:

“linkage (Internal PageRank) determines why pages go Supplemental”

He backed up his statement with content from, Matt Cutts himself also added to the debate and eventually everybody settled on Michael Martinez being right.

One of the things that has annoyed us for a while is the fact that some of our more interesting and/or more popular posts are in the supplemental index. The main reason for this is that they did not acquire many links, although they might have been popular compared to the other content. There can be a number or reasons for this, but the most important one is that this blog is not very big yet, so it is not seen by that many people.

Now that the amount of visitors is growing, more people will have a chance to read these posts, but they won’t if they are hidden in the deepest recesses of the website. For this reason we added a new plugin to the blog called “Popularity Contest”, made by Alex King. It is a pretty old plugin and we knew of it, but never saw the need to use it. Until now.

The beautiful simplicity of this plugin lies in the fact that it shows a list of links to your blog’s most popular posts. By adding this list to our sidebar we give some of the main page’s link love to these posts thus pulling them out of Google’s supplemental index (at least…. that’s the theory).

Two of the posts we’re talking about are “Is for real?” and “Promoting websites on Curacao“. These are in the top 10 of popular posts, but Google has them in the supplemental index and we want to get them out.

Don’t get me wrong; we’re not saying it is very bad to have pages in the supplemental index. Heck, 80 of our 137 pages are supplemental according to Google and, to be honest, most of them belong there. They are mostly maintenance type posts (e.g. about the fact that we moved office) and comment feed ‘pages’. You can check them out for yourself. Some of the supplemental pages do not belong there though so we had to do something about it.

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