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After garnering expertise in web design, web development and internet marketing in Venezuela, The Netherlands, Bonaire and Curacao we decided to go ahead and form a company of our own. The three primaries of Dragonfly Media Curacao are Oscar, Joost and Bo.

Together we specialise in creative web design, graphic design, innovative web development, effective internet marketing and making sure that clients appreciate their new website and use it to the fullest.

We provide personality, professionalism, continuity and a balance between design, development and marketing.

  Jupiterstraat #8.
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Telephone: +5999 465 4520

Dragonfly Media Crew



Dragonfly┬┤s team

Bo SchillemansBo
(acquisition, SEM & internet marketing)
is the one
who makes sure that we actually make some money and is dedicated to
marketing your company on-line.

Oscar FuentesOscar
(graphic design)
is one of the best web designers on Curacao
and knows how to translate your vision of your company into an on-line

Joost SchrierJoost
(web development, SEO & blog)
guards the functionality of our
products and makes sure that your website will acquire return on investment.

Tommy Loefstok-Schillemans
Tommy (DGF’s official office dog) helps the others remember that they shouldn’t take themselves too seriously and provides ‘security’.