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After garnering expertise in web design, web development and internet marketing in Venezuela, The Netherlands, Bonaire and Curacao we decided to go ahead and form a company of our own. The three primaries of Dragonfly Media Curacao are Oscar, Joost and Bo.

Together we specialise in creative web design, graphic design, innovative web development, effective internet marketing and making sure that clients appreciate their new website and use it to the fullest.

We provide personality, professionalism, continuity and a balance between design, development and marketing.

  Jupiterstraat #8.
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Telephone: +5999 465 4520

Dragonfly Media Crew



Dragonfly’s services

The Curacao internet market is getting up to speed at a rapid pace. Two years ago most companies
on Curacao were more than 10 years behind the US and Europe when it came to their website.
This difference with the US and Europe is getting smaller and smaller by the month. Just
as in the rest of the world, more and more companies on the island are adopting
Web 2.0 concepts and
require their service providers to grow with them. We anticipated this change and are actively
promoting it. This puts us ahead of the crowd.

We can deliver:

A creative sparring partner for your company’s on-line and off-line presence.

Your custom made website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

More ROI for your website through Internet Marketing.

Reports about the usefulness of your existing website in terms of web design,

web development and internet marketing (including SEO).

Interactivity for your existing website.

Comprehensive,engaging content.

Maintenance for your on-line application.

Email marketing solutions.

Domain name registration and website hosting.

Off-line marketing messages (flyers, brochures, etc).

Product advertising.Our preferred partner for photography services is Eef Ouwehand of Eef Photography.

If you want to know more about our services or would like to talk to us call or email us directly.